Terms and Conditions for RMA

    1. RMA Registration Process: 

    a. Clients are required to register each product in the RMA application available in the client portal.
    b. Serial numbers or asset tags must be provided for each registered product, along with a detailed description of the problem per asset tag or serial number. 
    c. Only products within the warranty period are eligible for RMA registration. 

    2. RMA Approval Process: 

    a. Clients must wait for approval from the RMA manager before returning any goods.
    b. Upon approval, clients will receive an email containing the RMA policy and a unique RMA job number.
    c. The RMA job number must be printed and affixed to the pallet or box containing the returned goods. 

    3. Goods Return Procedure: 

    a. Clients are not allowed to send goods back without obtaining RMA approval.
    b. Returned goods will be scanned upon arrival to verify the quantity against the registered RMA.
    c. Digoo IT Distribution BV does not collect RMA or returns at client locations. 

    4. RMA Processing: 

    a. Upon receipt of the returned goods, the RMA status in the client portal will be updated to "RMA under process."
    b. Products will undergo evaluation, and the RMA status will be updated accordingly (e.g., changed, repaired, or credited). 
    c. If the products cannot be repaired or replaced, they will be credited to the client's account. 

    5. Warranty Period: 

    a. RMA can only be registered and processed for products within the specified warranty period.
    b. Products outside the warranty period will not be eligible for RMA. 

    6. Location of RMA Processing: 

    a. Digoo IT Distribution BV does not process RMA or returns at client locations. 
    b. All RMA processing will be conducted at the designated Digoo IT facility. 

    7.  Important Conditions:

    a. In the event that a RMA is received without the corresponding AC adapter, the value of the missing adapter will be deducted from the issued credit note.
    b. Please also note that a handling fee of €25 per unit will be applied to any items received that were not listed on the RMA. This will be deducted from the issued credit note.

    Note: This RMA policy is governed by Belgian law. Any disputes or legal matters arising from the RMA process will be subject to resolution in accordance with Belgian law.